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National Glass Museum

Over twenty projects in for the National Glass Museum in Leerdam, ranging from an international art exhibition to the complete turn-over. Before the renovation it had 1 volunteer, 3 fte and 14.000 visitors a year. After a complete renovation, the building size was tripled, a demonstration facility for glass blowing established, and we ended up with 145 volunteers, 20 fte and… Read more →

Fort Asperen – Skin Deep

Usually when someone asks you to organize an event, it will be in a normal building, with four walls and a roof, watertight, with electricity, heating and straight, white walls… but his time an international exhitibion had to be staged in a waterlogged fortress, no electricity, no heating and round walls and BATS! If this wasn’t enough of a challenge,… Read more →

Idealists in Glass

How did Leerdam Glass become so famous? What motivated the artists, architects and factory directors at the beginning of the 20th Century? What did they rebel against? Guided by the most beautiful pieces of Dutch glass art by De Bazel, Berlage, Copier and Meydam, a historical image is painted between the ideals and their shape they take or even between… Read more →

Via Milano New Dutch Design

The Via Milano Foundation promotes Dutch Design to the press and to a wide audience. Initiated by Jacob de Baan in 2001, it’s first major event was the exhibition in the RAI during one of the largest yearly conventions on living and trends in The Netherlands: “De Woonbeurs”. It aims to select the most interesting designs from Dutch designers in… Read more →


An exhibition to commemorate the start of the Dutch chairmanship of the European Union, when it had just added ten extra member countries. The ninety works of art give an amazing overview of contemporary art of those, mostly former Iron Curtain countries. The works were selected by an appointed commitee of an art critic, a museum director, the director of… Read more →


A creative promotional vehicle to stimulate children to visit one of the performances of the connected youth theaters. Inside is a dvd with trailers of the shows. Three “Youth Theater Viewer” (YTV) travelled through The Netherlands visiting theaters and malls for two years. A combined efford of Theater Artemis, MAXX, Het Filiaal, Xynix Opera and the theaters of Zoetermeer, Delft,… Read more →

Eternally Yours – time in design

Eternally Yours, Introducing Time in Design was a 24 hour, bilingual conference on the possibilities of cultural life extension of consumer products. Why do we keep some products, and throw others out? What can designers do to extend a product’s lifecycle? Long before durability and sustainable was an issue, we combined the forces of scientists, artists, designers and policy makers… Read more →

Art Loan Day

Art Ants was asked to organize the promotional day for all the businesses who loan art to private lenders: the Federation of Art Loaning Businesses (Federatie KunstUitleen), FKU for short. To invite as many people as possible into these modern art centres, galeries and art libraries during their annual ‘Open Day’. All 94 branches do something special this day. The national… Read more →


Eleven contemporary photographers (including Korrie Besems, Morad Bouchakour, Koos Breukel, Margi Geerlinks, Phoebe Maas, Femke de Roos, Andrea Stultiëns, Maarten Wetsema, Thijs Wolzak, Raimond Wouda and Mirjam de Zeeuw) were asked to capture the life of average Dutch families on film. It became a touring exhibition as well as a promotion for the Federation of Art Loaning businesses (FKU). It… Read more →

Virtual Museum

For the Virtual Museum Foundation (Amsterdam South), Art Ants researched the possibilities of showing artistic movies on a video-wall of 8 x 5 meters. Art movies would have to be supplied by artists or foundations, with commercial breaks in between to make it financially possible. From 2008 movies can be enjoyed on the large screen in Amsterdam. Art Ants interviewed the managing directors of:  Montevideo, Park 4DTV, International… Read more →