Why the Ants?

Art Ants

My company specialises in the realisation of projects. Projects which make the world a better place: projects in art, environment and community building. From small community projects to large museum renovations, they all have one thing in common: passion. Passionate people working together with always too little time, money or resources to obtain the maximum results. My aim is to facilitate these projects the best I can, with over fifteen years of experience, to support excellence and ideals.
In practice, this can lead to finding the right funding for a project and handling the finances, or assisting with PR and strategic marketing. But most of the time it will be a combination of all my skills combining in ‘project management’: making sure everything happens at the right time at the right place with the right outcome.

And why the Ants?

Ants are industrious little critters. They work hard, together. One lone ant achieves nothing, but together they build impressive ant hills. To the casual spectator they seem to crawl franticly around without goal or direction. However, there is method in their madness. After a while the attentive observer can discern streams, directions in which the ants walk. They provide each other with information, food and building blocks. Together they work on a larger project.

This process also applies to the realisation of projects. By now I know how the streams flow. This can be the flow of money (sponsors, grants), of people (artists or target audiences) or information. For a project from start to finish, or advise on specific parts, all in good harmony and with lots of enthousiasm: only through inspired teamwork an idea can be realised.

So if you have a fantastic project in mind for which you are just a little short of knowledge, hands or organisational skills, please contact me. Who knows what great things we can do together. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.