Over twenty projects in for the National Glass Museum in Leerdam, ranging from an international art exhibition to the complete turn-over. Before the renovation it had 1 volunteer, 3 fte and 14.000 visitors a year. After a complete renovation, the building size was tripled, a demonstration facility for glass blowing established, and we ended up with 145 volunteers, 20 fte and 80.000 visitors. The museum connected to the whole community, either as visitors, volunteers, commercial supporters or schools. Under managing director Arnoud Odding, who provides the grand vision for the future, my task was to implement all his ideas into a workable system for everyone involved. That included, but was by no means restricted to: coordinating the exhibitions, events, shop, café and glass blowing facility, making sure everyone knew what was happening where and who was doing what. Supplying the PR manager with all necessary info & thinking up new ways to reach people and target groups, like establishing the social networks on internet. Managing volunteer & education managers, training volunteers, tour guides and interns. Budgets responsible for up to 200.000 euro’s (350.000 NZD). I left three months after the Dutch queen Beatrix re-opened the museum, and in 2010 it attracted 80.000 visitors. It was a major task of organising seven exhibitions, a shop, a café, a new computer system, an innovative open depot accessible through Ipod Touch, a new brand name… all within one year, just to name some of the responsibilities and challanges.