About me

I am Annalily van den Broeke, founder of Art Ants in 1999. BA in Art and Media Management at the Utrecht School of the Arts in 1997 after a foundation course at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. For a full resume on education and employment history, download my resume here. If you can read Dutch, you are invited to follow my blog: Annalily’s blog. Or follow me on twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Having worked for so many wonderful people at large and small companies, NGO’s, art institutes and of course the National Glass Museum in The Netherlands, it was hard to leave them all behind. But we were ready for a new adventure and emigrated to New Zealand in 2010. Now based in Auckland, we’ve met just as many if not more inspirational people!

At Auckland Council as project manager public art I learned to work within a large organisation, doing building and resource consent applications for artworks, shepherding the artist’s vision through the maze of rules and regulations. Inspiring colleagues and artists alike made it a valuable time.

For Forest & Bird I’m working with Ark in the Park, as a voluntary chair of the management committee as well as bush bashing to replace rat bait! In a paid capacity I’m currently “Outreach coordinator“, talking to (school) groups, delivering information, bait and traps for predator control on private properties.

Violence Free Communities has hired Art Ants to deliver their “Our Amazing Place” community development tool: a family treasure hunt along community organisations.

I am grateful all of this supports my goal: to utilize my experience as a professional and a volunteer to contribute to the New Zealand environment and activate others to work towards a sustainable society.