Art Ants was asked to organize the promotional day for all the businesses who loan art to private lenders: the Federation of Art Loaning Businesses (Federatie KunstUitleen), FKU for short. To invite as many people as possible into these modern art centres, galeries and art libraries during their annual ‘Open Day’. All 94 branches do something special this day. The national bureau of the FKU specifies a different theme each year. In 2001 it was “Photography”, and all activities are connected to that theme.

 A major contest was invented in which a visitor could win their own portrait made by artist/photographer Margi Geerlinks. Hanneke Groenteman, famous presenter of art programs on Dutch national television, had her portrait made by Margi Geerlinks (see below). The major of Tilburg, mister Johan Stekelenburg, opened the official Open Day at the FAXX Podium for Modern art.