Eternally Yours – time in design

Eternally Yours, Introducing Time in Design was a 24 hour, bilingual conference on the possibilities of cultural life extension of consumer products. Why do we keep some products, and throw others out? What can designers do to extend a product’s lifecycle? Long before durability and sustainable was an issue, we combined the forces of scientists, artists, designers and policy makers in an old Philips factory in Eindhoven. Over 75 acts / performances / discussions / meetings / shops / sleeping facilities were available for only 24 hours.

A selection of contributors: Brian Eno, Michael Floyd, Houseofconcepts, Jem Finer, Gijs van Bon, Sang Hoon Lee, William Wilson, one minute movies, Philips Experience, Jobina Tinnemans, John Thackara, Stuart Walker, Gustav Beumer, Fumi Masuda, Khodi Feiz and many, many more…

Art Ants was responsible for the overall production of this conference/festival, including recruiting volunteers, liasing with invited key note speakers, artists, designers etcetera, the website and the book by writer and design critic Ed van Hinte. Cynthia Hathaway took care of the experience design of the event, Arnoud Odding was the director.